The Bucket List Blog – Chapter 6: The Future

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching since starting the Bucket List blog series.  So instead of this blog post being about the top 10 places in the world I really still want to visit (which was the original aim), its going to be about my immediate future plans.  Writing this series made me realise that there were a few things I wanted to do when I was married that I was really passionate about, and that I would still like to do.  Going through all the photos and memories and my journal, reignited some smoldering fires that have clearly not gone out!

Two things spring to mind first and foremost.  I wanted to go and save turtles in Costa Rica and I wanted to become a teacher.  Saving turtles in Costa Rica was a ‘I need to find myself’ cry for help when the stresses and strains of being a mom and a wife and a go-between was all getting too much for me.  But of course that idea didn’t sit well with anyone and volunteer work such as that, requires you as the volunteer to actually pay to do the work.  But now, this is something I could potentially do.

The other thing I wanted to do was become a teacher.  But changing careers and studying and then becoming a low paid teacher in South Africa was not really feasible either.

BUT NOW, the world is my oyster and so the plan is to do a TEFL course, learn Spanish and then go and teach English as a foreign language (hopefully in Costa Rica so that I can save some turtles too) but if not there, anywhere in South America.

And that dear readers, is my next quest.  It probably means that I am not going to have too much new material for the next while as I settle down to studying on the weekends and save every last cent I have in order to fund my time away, but I do have a few holidays that I have not blogged about yet (Daniel in London and Amsterdam) and a few things on my mind that I wish to share … so don’t panic as the drought is not imminent. 🙂


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