The Bucket List Blog – Chapter 2: The UK & Turkey

The next adventure was overseas!  And not long after the first time – in March/April 2006.  As I said the bug had bit and we were amped.  There were two factors to the next trip.  Ex-husband No. 2’s mom lived in London and she had been wanting us to visit for a while, and, well, more importantly to us at the time, there was to be a full solar eclipse in Turkey.  At the time we were avid trance heads, going to as many parties as we could with a small child and limited cash.  But as most people know, if you have a passion for something, you generally make a plan.  So when it became known that a trance festival was being held in Turkey for the solar eclipse we thought it the perfect opportunity to attend a massive SEVEN DAY festival, see the solar eclipse and see a bit of London.  The plan evolved into taking our son with us, who was three at the time, dropping him off in London with his nana while we went and partied hard for seven days.

Unfortunately all the photos I have of that trip are actual photos and if there are digital copies, I don’t know where they are.  Said actual photos being somewhere in a box in South Africa. So I will need to regale you, avid readers, through imagination and wit.  And a little help from the video below.

We spent 4 days in London before leaving for Turkey and had an amazing time.  That was my very first time in the UK and I was hooked the moment I arrived.  It was late March and all the blossoms were out as were the daffodils and it was just so different to South Africa.  I suddenly realised that I had an affinity with old buildings and architecture, something I didn’t realise before.  We did all the touristy things you can do with a three year old.  So it was the Natural History Museum where we saw the life-size, life-like dinosaurs – I will never forget Nic’s face when he saw the dinosaurs move.  It was a boat ride on the Thames, it was Trafalgar Square to look at the pigeons.  It was the Science Museum for a ride in the rocket shuttle and we even managed to go and see a play at the West End (Les Mis), which was obviously without the three old.  We packed a lot into those few days but finally we were off on our festival holiday and we could not wait.

After a 3 hour flight and a bus ride, we arrived at the venue, where we had to complete the last leg of the journey in an open air truck – think woollen scarves and hats and frozen faces and smiles by the time we got there – it was late March in Europe after all, not that warm!  Dawn was breaking when we were dropped off with our tents and backpacks and as romantic as that sounds you must remember that we had been doing trance parties for a fair amount of years now so sunrise was a time of day we were quite used to 😉  Dawn in Turkey looked exactly like dawn in Elgin or Grabouw or Stanford or Caledon.  I felt like I had travelled 6 000 miles to a place that looked exactly like every other trance party I had ever gone to.  It was a let down to say the least.  I think it’s because the entire travel had been done in the dark so there was no sense of looking out of the plane onto foreign landscape; it literally felt like we had been transported back to a party in our backyard.  Then, to make matters worse, about three hours after we arrived, and erected the tent and were just getting into the party vibe, the heavens opened and the entire party flooded, not just rain but hail the size of grapes nogal!  (If you have three minutes to spare, please watch the first three minutes of this video which gives a graphic, blow by blow account of how bad this flash flood was).  It was so bad that the main stage was completely destroyed and for the first four days of the party a smaller rig and set up was used while they fixed it.

See what I mean?  As you can imagine, this did not put me in the best of spirits.  The rest of the party remained muddy and no amount of party essentials could really completely take me away from the fact that I was living in a soggy tent, all my clothes were wet and I was going to be there for the next seven days.  To top it off, the toilets were disgusting and the queues for everything were long.

The piece de resistance and what made the whole party was the amazing solar eclipse and to be there for that made the whole journey worth it.  (Minutes 7 to 8 on the video although I don’t feel this video really captures the essence of what was such an amazing celestial happening).  Some solar eclipses, even though they are full, can be very quick and can also occur towards the beginning or the end of the day when the light is not at its fullest anyway.  This eclipse was at around 1 pm and the full eclipse lasted about 4 minutes with the entire process taking a couple of hours.  The music was stopped when the eclipse took place and the birds started chirping as the ‘sun went down’.  It was such an amazing experience and to be surrounded by thousands of like minded people was mind blowing.  After the eclipse was over the music was mental – the whole South African crew that went to the party, all converged at the river for an afternoon of connection, love and light.

The eclipse was on day 2 of the seven day experience.  I lasted 4 days and tried really hard to enjoy it and lose my mind but when the drugs stopped working (and I had had enough of the filthy toilets and the freezing cold nights) and started thinking about the fact that here I am in Turkey and I am not going to see anything except this forest, I told ex-husband No. 2 that if he didn’t get me out of there and into the City to see some sights, there would be huge issues.  He must have been feeling the same way because soon we were on a bus to Antalya where we found a cheapish hotel which was all inclusive.  I have NEVER been so happy to see a proper toilet in my life.  And NEVER been so happy to have food in my belly.  That experience had been harrowing.  Thank god there is a solar eclipse experience as a reason to have done an international trance party because if there wasn’t I would feel very foolish to have made that journey just for a party.

I managed to find two photos of me at the party on my Facebook.   I’m looking happy so I’m sure they were taken either on the first day or the last day when I knew we were leaving!!!

We had three days left and we made the most of them.  We hired a car and went to all sorts of ruins.  We found a really cool cheap apartment and wondered around, going into shops and drinking apple tea with the proprietors.  We went on a tour to a leather factory and a diamond factory and I swam in the Mediterranean.  The memories are a bit hazy after 10 years but I know I felt relieved and grateful that we had managed to see a bit of the city we were so close to and so close to not actually seeing.

Birds eye view of Antalya – imagine we had missed seeing this!

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