Dry February

After being in London for 6 months I can honestly say that the Heathrow Injection is a real thing.  The ‘Heathrow Injection’ is a metaphor for the weight one inevitably gains when one migrates to London for an extended stay. It is attributable to the face-paced lifestyle that leads one to eating mostly take-away and fast foods.

I can hardly say that my lifestyle is particularly fast-paced now, I walk a lot and I definitely do not eat a lot of take-out.  The reason for me putting on weight can be attributed to Tesco’s reduced shelf and beer and yes, the two are not mutually exclusive.   Because when drinking beer I thought to myself, oh well, if I’m drinking 3 loaves of bread a night, I might as well eat bread and sausage rolls for lunch.  Plus I walk 40 minutes a day so surely I will walk it all off.  Um, no.  I have picked up 1 kg for every month I’ve been here.  So, that coupled with my slight concern for my drinking habits led me to doing Dry February (the shortest month of the year and so hopefully the easiest to do).

Well, let me tell you, the first three weeks were hell!  I hated every minute of it.  I didn’t feel any better in the mornings and didn’t have more energy, and it all just seemed like nonsense.  But after three weeks whatever was supposed to kick in, did!  My skin suddenly started feeling so much better (and other people remarked on it so it wasn’t just me), I started making healthier food choices (and I could because I was saving SO much money on not drinking that I could afford to move out of the reduced shelf aisle and mosey into the unknown fruit and veg aisle, where I discovered a whole other shelf that supplies reduced food that is not carb intensive!!!  I also have loads more energy now and am spending my weekends in Richmond Park walking and running and cycling.  As soon as the days get longer I will be doing that every evening after work too!

I’ve read a few posts about other women who do this and they all seemed to do it for a two month stint.  Because everything only kicked in after three weeks for me, I think this is a good idea.  I’m starting to see slight weight lose and if I am going to start drinking again in a week’s time, I’ll just pack it all back on.  So, for all the ranting and moaning that I’ve been doing I am actually going to venture into March and see how long I can continue this for.

It’s also made me realise I have willpower of steel.  I honestly had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other and the only reason I didn’t give in was because then I would have to admit to having a drinking problem.  Now I can say that I don’t!  (Even though I was thinking about alcohol pretty much all the time for 3 weeks).  😉 Another thing that made me deliriously happy was that I actually did quite a few things in February where other people were drinking.  In fact the very first weekend, only 3 days in, I went to my cousin for a night and he had other friends over.  We stayed up til 2:30 in the morning and I didn’t touch a drop, even though there were getting very merry.  And the best part was that I still had such a fun time!  In fact, all the functions I attended I enjoyed thoroughly.  For me it’s been the getting home after work and having a glass of wine times that I have missed the most.

February has proved to be a most challenging, thought-provoking and intense month.  I did it dry, I did it without a phone and my boyfriend and I rekindled our long distance relationship which I will now class as a romance!!!! There’s sure to be a blog post forthcoming out of THAT story soon!



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