It was a dark and stormy night …

Even though my very first snow experience was a total anti-climax and there are no photos to show for it, I thought that I would still write about it and see if I can capture my audience’s attention with just my writing skills alone!

It was a dark and stormy night … well, at first it started out as a grey and cold afternoon.  All around the office people were starting to talk of the snow.  There had been sightings in places further afield but all the Londoners were poo-pooing, saying that it would not snow, it was too wet.  I was to travel to Kingston after work to visit a friend.  A normally ordinary excursion on the bus.  As I walked out to the bus stop I saw stuff falling from the sky that was definitely not rain and definitely not sleet.  It had substance, and it was white!  “Its snowing” I exclaimed to the only other person waiting at the bus stop.  “This is so exciting!!!” I squealed. The gentleman then said that I was clearly not from around these parts and that after 10 years in England it was wearing a  bit thin for him.  Then he proceeded to tell me that he was busy videoing the snow for his cousin in Nigeria, so his whole argument fell flat.

Needless to say, I kept my enthusiasm going in the bus.  I was lucky to get into the front row at the top of the bus and if I kept wiping the window with my sleeve, I could carry on watching the snow fall from the sky.  It fell, but did not land.

Upon reaching my destination things got a little more hairy as I was now in the snowstorm, and it had indeed turned into a dark and stormy night and even though it was not doing much damage to the ground, it was coming out of the sky, directly into my face and onto my eyelashes.  I dutifully stuck my tongue out and felt the snow land on my tongue, cold and icy. I first needed to head to Sainsbury’s for some wine and then on to my friends house.  My hands were completely frozen after my 15 minutes braving the elements.  Onto the pub after a quick warm up inside.  This was fun because even though snow had not landed on the ground, it had landed on cars bonnets and windscreens and we even managed to gather a good sized snowball or two and lob them at each other – they hurt!

I’m still looking forward to seeing proper snow and have been advised that I might need to leave London to find it.  And perhaps I will.  But it was great to have that element of excitement, in what is fast becoming an ordinary life again.


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