Sayonara 2016

As 2016 draws to a close I’ve decided to make this my last blog post for 2016.  With the cold weather coming in fast and knowing that I am going to have 2 weeks with my children exploring London to its fullest, I’ve decided to hibernate a bit until they get here and no activity means no blog posts. Well, that’s not entirely true as many of mine are not about actual London activities and more about things that have interested me since I’ve been here but it’s good to have a break, nonetheless!

I’d like to reflect on 2016, which was a tough yet exciting year:

Things I learnt in/from 2016:

    • Technology really does make the world a smaller place.  If it wasn’t for my phone I would never have been able to leave my kids and my friends and travel halfway across the world.  I speak to my daughters and my best friends every day and I don’t think I could have given that up or have survived so well without having that connection.
    • Leading in from the above point, I am not homesick.  And I think it’s because I am still so connected to my people.  Not so connected to my country, which is sad but a reality.
    • My son does not miss me.  I religiously get hold of him every weekend to Skype (he is in boarding school during the week so I can’t chat to him anyway during the week).  This is our conversation:

“Hello my boy, how are you”

“Hi, fine”

“What you doing this weekend”

“I dunno”

“Can you skype”

“I dunno”

“Hows school”


You get the picture …

    • Long-distance doesn’t work.  Actually, no, sometimes it does but it doesn’t work when there isn’t an end-date to the time you will be apart.  And when one party is adamant that their future is in South Africa and the other party is adamant that their future is in the UK for the foreseeable future, then something has got to give.  This relationship has taught me that you don’t have to hate the person to break up with them, but rather to remember the good in them and good they brought out in you.  And that sometimes, it’s just circumstances, rather than anything more sinister that brings a relationship to an end.  
    • Walking long distances every day does not make one thin.  But it does make one’s butt look better.
    • The sun really does go down at 4pm in winter in the UK.
    • It’s a very real dilemma to be in a job that you hate but requires no travelling on any form of public transport.  Stay in the job that is so chilled that you are constantly bored or get a better job that requires an hour’s travel each way with the threat of having to stand under sweaty armpits and delays, just to name a few. This is something I actively have to address come 2017!  I feel so blessed that I was eased into London life so well but now I have to take the bull by the horns and realise my potential.  London, look out, here I come!  

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