Oh, To Fall in London

I can’t quite believe that this post is actually going to be about the weather again.  Well, not the weather so much, but a season. Autumn most definitely deserves its own blog post too!  Sorry if this is boring to some but please allow me to revel in what will probably be the only Autumn that I am completely and utterly mesmerised and fascinated by it.  

When this tree outside my house lost its leaves within a week I thought that would be the quick fate of all trees going into winter.  


To the contrary the rest are taking their time and most are actually still very leafy.  I have no idea how because there are as many leaves on the ground as there are in the trees.

img_2336 img_2335

The colour contrasts here are so different to SA.  I think of South Africa in stripes.  Blue sky, green mountains or brown, white sand or brown, blue sea.  Here, the colours seem to blend and melt into each other.  The sky is generally gun-metal grey, even when hot, but there are so many trees of varying height and the trees can be anything from green and gold, to fiery red to amber red to orange and yellow.  Then the sidewalks are gun-metal grey again but at the moment absolutely covered with yellow, brown leaves.  I now know why Americans called it Fall, because you can actually watch as the leaves fall, continuously.  It really is a wonder the trees still have so many leaves attached.  

img_2334 img_2329

img_2332 img_2330

I want to go act like a kid and jump around in the leaves and I should as no one would probably give me a second glance.  Or pretend not to.  No, we can’t see that 40 something woman acting like a loon in the leaves … nothing to see here, moving along.  This car was innocently parked here overnight and look what happened …


Another picture taking one week and then one week later:

img_2322 img_2415

These photos have all been taken on my way to and from work.  So while I haven’t actually jumped into a pile of leaves yet I do stop in random places and take photos of trees – which is quite a thing to do during morning traffic time.  As the amount of foot travel is just as much as motor travel in these here parts.  

I now know why the clocks got turned back.  It made no sense to my brain before it actually happened as I thought we were going back in time by an hour.  But by going back we were actually going forward. Take this example.  I wake up at 7am.  When the clocks got turned back what used to be 7am became 6am.  But because I am still waking up at 7am, what used to be 7am is actually now 8am.  Please let me know if that makes sense to the uninitiated brain?  So it means that when I wake up it’s still light which it wouldn’t have been if we had remained at 7am being 7am, not 8am. 🙂

Here are some pics of my walk to and from work.  I feel very privileged that I do get to walk to work in the sunlight, as so many people don’t have that luxury.


How creepy is my walk home!? This is at 5:30pm

I can’t promise that the weather will not feature in upcoming blogs but I can tell you that I celebrated my birthday last week and will be in France this weekend for a long weekend away with friends so there is lots to fill you in on besides the weather come next Friday.  Until then, enjoy the season wherever you are in the world.  Stop to smell the roses or the canola or the sunflowers; so much natural beauty surrounds us, even in built up London!


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