As I said in my last post, I had very diligently started looking for work long before leaving for London.  I knew what date I would be available from (immediately!!) and was completely confident I would have work before I arrived.  I was literally having a phone call or Skype meeting every second day.  But in the end I only had one interview when I arrived.  Still, I was confident I had it in the bag.

The day of the interview was actually so awesome.  First I went to the bank to open a bank account.  My dear friend Cait who had arrived 6 weeks before me (and was therefore a veteran in matters such as these) told me that Lloyds was the only bank you could go to without having a proof of address.  And she was right.  Within minutes I had a bank account.  £0 balance but no matter.  I was told that the card would be posted to me.  Posted I said???  Surely that’s a bit dangerous, what with card theft and fraud and all that.  No, said the Lloyds representative, its very safe here and posting the card proves that you live at that address.  Aaaah, I said.  But really I was thinking, So does turning up at the bank with your passport to collect said card!??? 

Yes, I took a photo of the bank. Don't forget, I was fresh off the boat - Day 1! ;)
Yes, I took a photo of the bank. Don’t forget, I was fresh off the boat – Day 1! 😉

Anyway, because I had a few hours to spare between the bank interview and the job interview, (I didn’t want to be late and arriving in London and having to find every location I needed to get to, on my own, was a national event, I had time to spare).  So I went and ate my lunch in Holland Park which is this amazing park right in the middle of Kensington High Street. What an amazing experience – I have photos to show of the actual park but I noticed 2 things whilst there which I didn’t take photos of unfortunately.  I think Holland Park is close to some kind of mental institution because I saw quite a few mentally challenged people there doing some weird and wacky stuff.  Jokes aside, they were with minders and everything but they were out in full force.  Also out in full force were Pokemon hunters!!!  I couldn’t help but notice the literally hordes of men of ages ranging from 12 – 40 walking with their heads down looking at their phones.  It was like something out of a zombie movie.  

This statue aptly called Walking Man - at least he is walking with his head up!
This statue aptly called Walking Man – at least he is walking with his head up!
Chess in Holland Park anyone?
Chess in Holland Park anyone?









I don’t want to spend too much time talking about the interview, suffice to say, after a grueling hour, I could tell that I was not what they were looking for.  After 2 days I called to find out why they hadn’t let me know yet either way and that’s when I was told that they hadn’t found me suitable for the job.  Well, I wanted to say, I don’t want to work for a company that doesn’t mind their P’s and Q’s anyway!!!

What followed was a period of mild panic and many interviews.  Some of the mild panic was caused by the interview itself.  After my interview at Sky News for a Traffic Manager role I thought shit, if I get this job, I’m in serious trouble.!  I was actually relieved not to get that role although their facilities looked amazing.

I got a 3 day freelance job in Paddington through a recruitment agency about two weeks after arriving.  That was amazing.  First of all it was only 3 days, the people were awesome, so friendly and kind, and I finally met some English people.  I realised that you don’t meet many of them because they are all at bloody work all day.  You only see tourists around London in the day.  

How cute is Paddington Bear in the square at Paddington. Was so interesting to see all the people on lunch in their deck chairs – see behind Pad!
Lunch hour in Paddington – not sure where all the people go when it rains!









Because of the great rates you get whilst freelancing I started thinking that freelancing was the way to go, however the OCD / plan of action me was not liking this idea.  I came to London to work and save money.  I did NOT not want to know when the next job was coming my way.

Because of this after 2 weeks of intensive interviews and sleepless nights I took a job that I wasn’t particularly excited about.  However, the pay was good and the best part was that it’s in Richmond, where I live so NO travel costs.  I’ve been working there almost a month now and it’s actually much better than I thought it would be.  So I am really glad I didn’t hold out for something ‘better’ as I am perfectly happy where I am for now and managing to save!!!  MAIN GOAL ACHIEVED!



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